Space Pollution

We all remember that time when we played Asteroids the arcade game the game where you are a spaceship/triangle that shoots down asteriods. Well it is not that farfetched but instead of asteroids it is satellites and space debris.

Dead satellites and space debris is a big threat to our future, especially space travel and our current life style. My intension was to see how many people are willing to save the future for the people of tomorrow. My investigation focused on the following three subtopics.

The Problem & Impact

Space pollution has been a problem for many years now with NASA that warned us in 2011 about the rise of space junk has reach a tipping point. First off I should explain how it came about.Space pollution is caused by deactivated satellites form every nation that are not savely removed from orbit and are left to float freely around in orbit. Unfortunatly for use these forgoten satellites crash into one another, into small astroids or live satellites making hunders of thousands of smaller pieces of debris that inturn will go and crash into more satellites. This effects a name is The Kessler effect. Now all this can happen over years but then it comes into full swing we would be stuck on eart because we cann't braek the barier of junk.

But how are we causing it? Quite simple really we as a species like blowing things up and that is what happens in our current method of removing satellites we blow them up. Not only does this bring the Kessler effect closer to orbital dominance but political strife between nations because we cann't tell immediately if it was the missile a other nation just shot into orbit or space debris caused by it.

As you can see there are a few causes and many possible impacts it could have on the Human race.

The Solution

Jason Forshaw (RemoveDebris project manager at the University of Surrey) has made a prototype that will go into space and collect space debris by net or harpooning the debris and draging them into lower orbit where they can burn up and won't be a threat to other satellites.This is probably the safest way of doing is. The satellite wat will fetch the deactivated satellites and debris is about the size of a washing machine and ways 100 kilogram. It will catch the debris in three diffrent ways: Net Harpoon and Drag sail.