My Findings


In this graph my main gaol was to see how many of my responses where whiling or how many thought it was necessary to go to a different planet according to the prior question which was “Would you go to a different planet” after this the question remand to see in a scale of 1 to 6 which each group would choose and surprisingly more people said that they would not go to a different planet and don’t think it is necessary for the human race to go to a different planet whereas the other responses reacted as expected.

In the graph above I looked how people would want to help in getting to a different planet. The question allowed multiple answers to help in different ways but as seen in the graph most people would rather spread awareness than help in a scientific way runner up was becoming an explorer.

In the above grarph I was intrestead in the public opinions on if companys that dispose of satellites in an environmentally dangerous way should pay a endagerment fee/tax or pay for damage that where to happen in a per determined amount of time.