Graph 1

Graph 1: On a scale of 1-10 how do you (or would you) feel if you find out you fell for fake news? ( where 0 is 'I don't care' and 10 is 'embarrassed')

From my questionnaire results in the graph above it is clear that women are/will be more embarrassed than men if the find out they fell for fake news. However, the results are only from a few people and will thus not be correct worldwide.

Graph 2: Did you understand the concept of fake news before reading the description?

100% of my respondents understood the concept of fake news before they read the description.

Graph 2

Graph 3

Graph 3: On what platform was the fake news you fell for shared to you by?

From the results of my questionnaire it is clear that most of my respondents who fell for fake news received the fake news via WhatsApp.