What is Fake News


Some people call fake news propaganda - disinformation used to mislead or promote a particular point of view. Propaganda is particularly popular in politics, where one side gives out selective facts in an effort to promote its cause or disparage the opposite side. We're all targets of propaganda - from one or the other political parties, from our government, even from foreign governments.

Listen to some people in the political sphere, and you're bound to hear that this or that particular news outlet is fake news. Although this can be the case, in most instances the person talking simply doesn't like the viewpoint taken by that news outlet.

That doesn't make the news from that outlet fake, but it could make it biased. It is true that some news media strike a bias to the liberal or conservative side of things. For example, it's fair to say that Fox News is somewhat biased in a conservative direction, whereas MSNBC holds somewhat of a liberal bias.

This can be seen by the stories they choose to cover, the “experts” they choose to interview, even the angle they put on their coverage. That doesn't mean their coverage is fraudulent, just that it comes from a certain point of view.(Miller, 2017)


Although most of the children from every age group said they knew what fake news was, many of them could not always established between fake and real news when presented with them. I think that people are getting the news everywhere - there's more information than ever before.

But, as we know, some of it is old news, some of it is half truths. Some of it is just leis. And it's harder than ever when you look at those information feeds to identify what's true and what's not.

There are ways that you can look at your news feed and identify a story that's true and a story that's not. "And we think that's a skill that enables people to make good choices about the information they get and good choices that are made in their lives.(BBC NEWS, 2017)


Make sure you are getting your news from a trusted source – that means knowing which entities are trustworthy, and that means going to the brands that have been around for a while. If not on a trusted site, then you should stay away from the site it is better to stay at a reliable website.

I'm not saying the new ones should not be trusted, but certainly in times like this you want to go to a media entity that is at least exercising a fair share of precaution before they start pushing out news and information. If going to a new site, it is better to check if the information is also at other websites if the information is not found at other websites then you should try a different website. (Masuabi, 2018)

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