Building a pedestrianbridge to my school

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Cost and funding

In order to raise money for such a project you can make use of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is when an individual makes use of an online/offline campaign to fund a specific project in order to achieve a goal ore to raise funds for a specific project that will benefit the community and the people that live in the area (Lovatt, et al., 2017).

Before you launch a crowdfunding campaign there are certain steps you need to take. You must pick the project you want to raise funds for. You must decide how much money you want to raise and how much you will need to launch you project. Create a short video explaining what the project is that you are trying to get the funds for. You will need to decide on your platform: how you are going to receive the rewards and what rewards you want to receive. Then you have to launch your crowdfunding campaign. Lastly you must keep in touch with your donors and make sure that you have a constant flow of income for your project(Lovatt, et al., 2017).

Social media and the devolvement of the internet and online communication and advertising capabilities has increased the number of people you can reach with your campaign and has also made it easier to get the word out (Lovatt, et al., 2017).

Impact on the community and environment

The impact of such a bridge being built in my community would have a positive impact because pedestrians such as the learners of the school can now cross the road without any conflicts and the danger of being hit by a speeding vehicle is also removed. The parents also don't have to worry about the safety of their children when crossing the road anymore(Moreland, 2017).

Our reasoning for building such a pedestrian bridge is that the one which is currently in use is extremely dangerous to the learners and is a tragedy waiting to happen. I say this because there are reckless and impatient motorists which frequently skip robots and endanger pedestrians (Booysen, 2018).

We have taken on this project to be able to make the crossing safer because to my knowledge in the past one learner has been killed and 3 have been seriously injured. The modern-day driver especially the taxi drivers are also becoming more reckless and I fear the it may not be long before there is another dreadful accident (Booysen, 2018).


Here are some factors that we have considered when we decided to take on this project: The safety of the people that are going to cross the bridge and the extra travel time that is going to be added to the pedestrian's journey as well as the materials that are going g to be used to build the bridge which will be chosen according to cost estimates and the weather conditions of the area (Moreland, 2017).

We had to decide on what structure we would use, luckily there were many options because there are many different types of commonly used structures in South Africa like a Common structure, a Steel structure, a Concrete structure , a substructures and a seismic design (Lin, 2017).

We have decided to tackle this issue because the current crossing is very dangerous. The reason for this is that there is a shocking amount of motorists that have no regard what so ever for the robot at the crossing and they frequently try to skip it which could result in a pedestrian being hit while he is crossing the road lawfully (Booysen, 2018).