Building a pedestrianbridge to my school

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An introduction to the issue:

I researched the possibility of building a pedestrian bridge over the highway next to my school as to be able to provide safe transport for the learners from the one side of the road to the gate of the school. The building of such a bridge would have an enormous impact as it would provide the learners with a safe method of crossing the road. I also researched the possibility of using crowd funding to gather the capital needed to build this pedestrian bridge. I first looked at how much capital would be needed to buy the materials needed to build the bridge, how much it would cost to build the bridge and how much would it cost to maintain and sustain the bridge? Secondly I researched how the construction and the final structure would impact the flow of traffic on the main road. I then looked at certain challenges such as: the type of bridge, the materials that would be used, the structure that would be best suited for the location and materials that would be needed.

What is the main issue of such a bridge?

What impact will a pedestrian bridge have on the community and how will crowdfunding be used to gather the capital needed to build this bridge?