By Nikola Jonker

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The current situation is that many children in our country can't afford sports equipment and I would like to raise money for this purpose. The desired outcome is to raise enough money to donate sports equipment to schools where the students can't afford their own. My research focused on a few areas. First I looked at the problem of student athletes not being able to afford sports equipment, and later the impact this problem has on them and the solution (raising money through a crowdfunding campaign). The focus of the research was how the implementation of crowdfunding could raise money for sports equipment impact student athletes.


I have found that the lack of funding for school sports equipment under schools is a big problem. Student athletes who can't afford uniforms and sports equipment are essentially unable to play the sport, and schools don't always have the money or resources to pay for this. This has a big impact on schools in lower income areas because a lot of potential goes to waste and talented individuals can't be successful in sport because they don't have the necessary resources. A good solution to this problem would be a crowdfunding campaign. Money that is collected in this manner can be used to pay for equipment or uniforms, as well as coaches. Another reason why crowdfunding is a good solution is because it can reach many people and it is easy to spread awareness about and donate to.

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