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Fake news is a world recognized problem. During South-Africa's political struggles and voting process for new campaigns, fake news can have a big impact on people's perceptions and thoughts on all the participating parties and candidates. Fake news creates negative thoughts and spreads news that is fake. This can lead to the situation of having the wrong parties and candidates winning the election. This ultimately leads to a bad political and economic impact on our country. With this situation at hand, my goal was to spread the news and inform my community about fake news. Information on how the problem has an impact on us, how to recognize fake news and how one should act on fake news (what you can do with fake news). It is important that the right political candidates and parties win the election for the sake of our future. I focused my research on the following areas. Firstly, the Impact of Fake news: In this focus area I wanted to inform the people on what fake news can do, the power of it. I gave examples of previous incidents and how it changed people's thoughts. I wanted to give this information to distress the seriousness of Fake News. Secondly how to recognize Fake News: In this focus area I wanted to inform the people how they can spot fake news. This is a very important area, for without it, this project will be useless. By spotting/recognizing the Fake news wiser decisions will be made and perceptions will change. Finally, what the consequences of Fake News is: By informing the people what these consequences is, it can motivate them even more to ensure that Fake News is being declared. This will help with spreading the word of what's true and not.

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My goal is to educate my community and fellow learners on ways to identify and react on Fake News.

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