What is fake news?

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Understanding fake news

Fake news can include mass communication, funded by the governments, that is used for propaganda and persuasion. With the help of modern technology fake news can be used to spread propagandist and misleading information. Another motivation to create fake news is that it generates advertising income by driving web traffic towards fake news websites. Some fake news can be satirical (Light-hearted publications).

Fake news consist of stories that have no grounding in fact). These Fabricated stories can often be mixed with true or sensationalised ones. This includes the websites that are used for monetary gain through advertisements. Social media also has bots that post doctored/ misleading photos and there are adverts on Facebook that contain fake news. (Titcomb & Carson, 2018)

To understand Fake news, it is crucial to understand the difference between fake and sensationalist news. Mainstream news that is sensationalist aims to gain public interest, but not to the extent of fabricating information. The stories are mainly exaggerated or underplayed through selective reporting. Whereas fake news contains false information. (Carstens, 2018)