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Why fake news is a problem

Fake news is escalating at a rapid rate. People are unaware of the vast amounts of fake news and thus lack the skills to identify it. This task is aimed at tackling fake news, to lessen the effects, by creating fake news awareness.

The investigation focused on the problems surrounding fake news. The focus areas included: why fake news is a problem and the impact that fake news poses for the community (specifically South Africans). Possible Solutions to tackle fake news were investigated.

You are a target!

The older generation is not the only generation exposed to the risk of fake news. People perceive the younger generation to be more susceptible to false news yet the data indicates that females are more prone to believe fake news. Elderly people and young South Africans alike can be taught key ways identify fake news. When people have the tools to identify fake news, websites will no longer be able to mislead people into believing fake news. However, the elderly will have to develop a sense of awareness to ensure that fake news does not influence them.