FL hydrogen energy

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Survey data

In order to get the publics opinion and refine the idea, a public survey was conducted and some of the significant results were retreived

Significant Findings

Biggest challenges From the graph, it is clear that the biggest hurdle to implementing this solution will be funding problems, with engineering challenges also being a big challenge. The data may differ a bit if more respondents were available.

Reward for donating The graphic to the left indicates that 75% people who will donate money to funding the solution wants to receive something back in return. Some of these people would want to receive business shares in return, but most people are fine with a reward that is not shares. Data may have been influenced by people not knowing what business shares are.

Comfort level per province The graph to the right may be a bit misleading, since even though Kwazulu-Natal appears to have the highest level of comfort, there was only one respondent from Kwazulu-Natal. Taking Kwazulu-Natal out of the picture, it is clear that the Western Cape is winning by decimals to Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. This could have differed if more people from Kwazulu-Natal has responded, or if people from other provinces have responded.

Payment trend of age and gender One finding I expected was that the older one gets, the more he is willing to pay, which, as seen from the data, is not the case. One person, for example, is not willing to pay anything even though he is 40. Another person is only 18 and is willing to pay up to R50000. Age is therefore not a factor in payments.