FL hydrogen energy

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This website was designed to present the facts on a big problem at hand, a possible solution to the problem and the major challenges it is facing.


The problem at hand was actually three problems. The main problem was the drought in the Western Cape, which needed to be solved as soon as possible. The two smaller problems are global warming, and the unreliable electricity grid. The solution to global warming is very simple: just use renewables. This however, brings forth another problem: the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. All this can be solved with hydrogen energy storage, and during the investigation I found out about the risks, solutions and looked into ways of funding it. The focus of the investigation was on the problem of the water drought. The solution was to implement a hydrogen energy system, which can be funded by using equity crowdfunding. Focus question How can crowdfunding be used to fund a hydrogen energy/water project as a solution to the drought crisis experienced by the Western Cape?