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Fake News


Many people are falling into the trap of Fake News. This is turning into an epidemic an needs to be stopped.The goal I reached is learning and educating people on how they can be on the lookout for Fake News and not being targets of this epidemic. I researched the impact of Fake News and the causes of it and I found a solution to this problem.To decrease the rate of Fake News spreading.


I have found(researched) that Fake News impacts and effects people,communities on a local and global rate.Fake News can be the cause of people believing and sharing Fake Facts.This can cause a global chain effect of people sharing fake facts and believing stories or events that are not true.The research I've done says that: ."From an algorithmic perspective it's possible for social media sites to recognise that website was only created two weeks ago, therefore it's probably likely that this is a less trustworthy site,"So a minor solution to the problem can be fixed by using this method.


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