By Katrina Krause


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About libraries
The benefits of reading for pleasure is that learners who read independently are better readers, they have more and better achievements regarding school and they have a greater content knowledge. The more the learners read during their primary school years, the higher they score on reading tests. The more learners read in their younger years, the better their comprehension reading skills, better vocabulary, spelling, grammar and knowledge of the world.
Educators can support independent reading under students by can setting high expectations regarding the learners' reading. The teacher could encourage reading in free time, like on weekends or in off periods. Teachers can have weekly discussions on the latest news or the best readers of the month. Teachers can encourage learners to read and write daily blogs.
According to statistics the problem is that learners have other interests, like watching television. It doesn't matter how hard the teachers try to encourage learners to read more, because they won't do it. If teachers can get learners to watch less TV, and to read more, then they will make a change (Fuglei, 2013).
Libraries are important because they are like portals connecting people to all the knowledge of the world. Information in libraries include information that could help people start new businesses or projects. And libraries can help learners with their school work, because even though we have the internet, we do not have access to all the necessary information (Dempsey, 2018).
Crowdfunding for libraries
Crowdfunding would be the best way fund new libraries mainly because there aren't many different ways to get the financial aid to erect more libraries. Most banks would deny a loan, because the libraries would not receive any income; thus won't they be able to pay back the loan. With crowdfunding you can explain the cause to people to gain their support [in this case their money].
The best type of crowdfunding, for funding libraries, is the donation crowdfunding. Crowdfunding could be used to benefit the problem by explaining why libraries are a necessity and all the benefits of reading amongst learners. Most people would try to help to level up the standard, on which learners are regarding reading. If the people do agree to help fund more libraries, there could be more libraries that have no entrance fee [because some people can't afford it] (Andrew, 2013).

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