By Katrina Krause


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Introduction Libraries Findings Conclusion Bibliography

In South Africa there is a huge problem concerning learners and their ability to read. Most of the learners do not have access to libraries; thus they do not achieve a lot. By using crowdfunding, enough money could be collected to erect more libraries.
In this investigation I focused on crowdfunding and how it could be used to erect more libraries. My three topics included general info regarding crowdfunding, how crowdfunding could be used to fund more libraries, and information regarding libraries and what they provide.
The general info, regarding crowdfunding, included info about what crowdfunding is, the different types of crowdfunding and risks concerning crowdfunding.
How crowdfunding could be used for erecting more libraries, included the best options on how to use it and the best way to achieve the goal - getting enough funds for more libraries.
The information about libraries included everything about libraries and the benefits of reading.
Focus question
How can crowdfunding help improve the level of reading among learners?

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