Raspberry Funding

What is the project about?

The problem investigated was that South-Africa is experiencing a shortage of IT (Information Technology) experienced workers. This is due to the lack of IT based education in schools due to a lack of IT based infrastructure in schools. My aim / purpose was to acquire the funds necessary to start a company that will be able to solve this infrastructure problem by providing complete solutions for schools.

The first focus of this investigation was regarding what the problem is and how it affects South-Africa. The problem is that South African schools do not have sufficient equipment to teach children IT (specifically programming) skills. This affects the IT based workplace negatively.

The second focus of this investigation was regarding how the aforementioned problem can be solved. The solution is to provide schools with a complete package of the infrastructure it needs.

The third focus of this investigation was regarding the costs involved in starting such a company and the average cost of such a package that contains the infrastructure and devices that a school will need.

What was done about it?

The validity of the equity fundraising project was investigated. The following steps were taken:

  1. Research regarding what is the best solution to the problem of the lack of IT infrastructure was conducted.
  2. A questionnaire regarding the fundraising topic was created and distrubuted.
  3. The questionnaire results were analysed, queried and information regarding the validity of the project was deduced. See Research and Findings for more information.

Is the project real?

No. Unfortunately the project is fictional and no real implementation of the research and findings will be made.

What is the IT infrastucture that will be provided?

The solution will mainly include Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi related peripherals.
See List of Products for a full list of items.