Fake news is currently a big problem in society because of the impact it has on people's lives and on businesses. A lot of people fall for the fake news traps and it affects how they live and who they trust. My goal was to help people identify fake news and to make people who spread fake news see the negative impact of their actions. My research was done on three main fields: the background, impact and the problem that is fake news. Firstly, I looked at the background, I looked at why media sometimes use fake news and why certain news outlets allow fake news to be published. Next was the impact, I looked at the impact the fakes news has on journalists and the public. Last I looked at why fake news is a problem, I looked at why fake news is a problem in businesses and for the public.


In order to help people, protect themselves from fake news, I am going to have to help them identify fake news so that they can stay away from it and therefore stop sharing it. One cannot protect oneself from a threat you cannot see or understand.

Fighting fake news

Image from Visualcapitalist