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The majority of schools (pre-, primary- as well as High schools) in the Eastern Cape do not have the necessary infrastructure that is needed to develop their basic skills. It is mostly underdeveloped and cannot be relied on. My goal was to do research on how crowdfunding can be used to raise enough money to upgrade the basic infrastructure at schools in the Eastern Cape. This is to insure that students receive the basic education they deserve.
My investigation started with identifying the problem. I asked questions such as, "What was the cause of the Eastern Cape's terrible infrastructure?" and "When did the quality start to drop?".
Next, I did research on the impact that a low quality infrastructure has on students, teachers, the community and even on the environment.
Finally, a suitable solution had to be found. In my research, I tried to find information on how to better the infrastructure, as well as how to prevent it from degrading so rapidly again.
The main objective
How can I use crowdfunding to raise awareness and inform people of the lack of- or bad quality infrastructure of schools in the Eastern Cape?
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