Parkinson's Disease


Is it necessary to make lifestyle modifications if you have Parkinson's Disease Yes or No

It states all above results and members say one needs to make changes to improve their own daily lives to handle the pain and discomfort of having Parkinson's Disease and coming to a point where one accepts it.

How dangerous are Parkinson's Disease on a scale from 1-10 where one are not dangerous and 10 extremely dangerous

Above people state that Parkinson's Disease are not something to miss judge and look past as one can see above people's reaction explains that most see Parkinson's Disease as a severe Disease one should not toy with because of its outcome and emotional impact.

Does it have an emotional impact on Parkinson's Disease patients to be out in public for an example in a restaurant.

In the graph above one can see a patient with Parkinson's Disease will be emotionally impact by peoples' response and reaction towards them therefore people on the above graph states one will be emotionally impact more than those saying no. To see more information on the above click here for my Database

Do you think crowdfunding are a platform one should use for funding help towards?

On the above graph one can see that people know about crowd funding and finds it as a useful platform for gathering money towards a useful cause because the point is a non-profitable group area for nearly only helping those in need for patients with Parkinson's Disease.

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