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Fake News


This web explains what fake news is. Fake news is false information that is spread throe either a website, a blog or a news article. This can cause confusion, or push political agendas, etc. News was mostly trusted before the internet formed, making it easier to spread fake news. There are also many types of fake news like: Clickbait, Propaganda, Parody, etc. On this web they also say how to report fake news via flagging (Webwise.ie, 2017).


This web shows the steps to take when you identify fake news, first it tells us about what real fake news is which is totally made up stories of people to do damage, or other type of criminal acts. Then they talk about how to spot fake news, which is websites with similar names of the trusted webs. Then the website tells about how we can stop fake news from spreading, by thinking before you go ahead and click on it (Iquirer.net, 2017).


It was in the middle of 2016 when Buzzfeed media editor, Craig Silverman detected that some fake news started in a small town in a one small Eastern European town. He and his team started an investigation and ended up finding 140 fake news websites. People started fake news because it made them a lot of money via advertising on social media (Wendling, 2018).