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Fake News


The current problem is that people are not totally aware of fake news and what it is. People around the world don't know their falling for news that may be fake. This has a big effect on everything from: politics, sports, etc. this can give people false information, or false hope. My task is to investigate the problems around fake news, to tell people about fake news, what it is, the total history and how to avoid fake news. This task will be handling about what fake news is, for people not to familiar with websites with fake news. There will also be the talk of the history of fake news and where it first started. We will also go in deft of how you can avoid the fake news.


What I have learned about out of this project is how fake news started, what it is, and how to identify fake news. The focus is how I as a person can warn other people of fake news. If you know of a website or article that contains fake information, you can tell friends or friends of the web/article, by sharing it to them, via: social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, etc.), or just tell them in person.