Fake news


Fake news is a very big thing that can affect individuals, businesses and economies negatively. My goal was to alert people on the presence of fake news, and how to easily identify it themselves, before sharing it to other who might do the same, which results in fake news spreading everywhere.

In my research I had focused on a variety of things. I was focussing mainly on the background of fake news; where it had originated and what it involved. I wanted to know what impact fake news truly had on our everyday life. My solution was to educate people, trying to help them be able to identify fake news on their own, to prevent them from believe or sharing anything before verifying it first.


Though no one really knows the true origins of fake news, it still influences a lot of aspects about the world. I have come to a conclusion that fake news can have a very negative impact on certain people, businesses and economies if the proper measures aren't taken to identify and avoid fake news.

Unfortunately, due to limitations of supply side reforms that regulate real news from fake ones (and people not knowing how to verify news before spreading it); it might take a while before fake news is avoided or even eradicate, but it is possible to teach people how to verify sources, articles, authors and news altogether.

Focus question

My focus question was to know if my community, fellow school learners and friends knew what fake news was as well as how they could identify and avoid it.