Findings and Conclusion


On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to report fake news when 1 is not at all and 10 is always

On this scale we can see that most people out of my 27 people are probably not going to report it. The men are even less likely to report fake news with an average of only 3.92 and the women have an average of only 4.27. This is not a fact as my questionnaire was only completed by 27 people.

Do you ever verify news before sharing it?

This graph shows that there are very little people who actually verify news before sharing it. This shows that people are either too lazy to verify it, do mind if they share fake news or it could mean that they did not know that you should verify news before spreading it. When we analyse the rest of the graph we can see that more than 50% of the people actually do verify the news sometimes before they share it. There are also a few people who do not ever verify news and just share it or they do not share news with other people.

Did you know what fake news was before reading the definition above?

From my questionnaire results we can see that almost everyone (85 %) knew what fake news was and that there was only a few that kind of knew what it was. The surprising thing was that there was not even one person who did not know what it was.

In my findings I also found that most people who have fell for fake news or don't know if they have fell for fake news do sometimes verify the news. While most people who have never fell for fake news do not verify the news. This shows us that when people fall for fake news they are probably more likely to verify news before sharing it.


I have come to a conclusion that we can reduce fake news on more than one way. By reducing fake news, we can reduce the negative effects of fake news on people, the community and even the country. We can do this as some countries can reduce costs to try and stop fake news from spreading and we can help the country to not lose money because of fake news.

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