Fake news

Introduction & Conclusion Findings Impact & Sources


Graph 1:

Quenstion:The Diffuculty of identifying fake news on a scale from 0 'Not at all to 6 "Very diffucult"

Findings: From my results in the graph above you can clearly see the difficulty of the indentification of Fake News and how the respondence reacted to this question

Graph 2:

Quenstion:To determine how many respondence has been a victim of Fake News

Findings: In Graph 2 there is the determination of the term 'have you been a victim' of Fake News and it clearly shows that most of the respondence were indeed a victim of Fake News

Graph 3:

Quenstion:Sosial Media platform that Fake News has mostly been recieved

Findings: In Graph 3 the most popular social media platform of Fake News is being identified and the percentage are clearly indicated.